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by Marc Rushton

18th January, 2018


You have to hand it to Domino's for being progressive, always moving with the times and embracing tech in their day to day business.

So this morning when the news release hit my inbox with the headline, "Just ask Alexa, Please place my favorite Domino's order!", I thought, why not?

While Alexa may be finally launching in Australia next month, we've been running the voice-control platform via a swag of Echo Dots and Echo's throughout the GadgetNET office for over a year.

The release went on to say, "voice-first interaction was set to bring new meaning to fast and easy online ordering at Domino’s," and so on.

Domino’s Group Chief Technology and Digital Officer Michael Gillespie added:

We have always placed pride in being able to make our customer’s lives easier and fit in with their busy schedules, and we are constantly reviewing ways in which our online ordering process can be faster, easier and more convenient.

As I read the very vague accompanying instructions, I decided that even if it were only 9:51 am, assuming Domino's is open, I'll order a pizza. It'll make a good story, right?

Well, it's now 1:38 pm and I'm still hungry, no pizza, and an Echo Dot that could likely sue me for harassment and workplace abuse by now.

After a seamless loop on the Domino's website trying to create an account, you then have to put an address in, which you can only do once you place an order. So to order a pizza via Alexa, you will first need to have ordered from the Domino's website.

Then you need to link the Domino's account with Alexa; that's relatively straightforward. From there, I think, but I can't be sure, you need to save your 'preferred order' as an 'easy order,' or something. I gave up when Alexa kept repeating the Domino's delivery question, "is this a house or an apartment?".

Honestly, it would have been easier to pick up the phone and call the local store. As it turns out, it didn't open until lunchtime anyway.

Kudos for the tech Domino's, but unless it makes lives easier it's rather redundant.

If you have more luck than us, please let us know in the comments below.

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