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30th April, 2018


For those already unsure about having a device that listens to them in the home, Alexa's latest feature is sure to ensure your opposition. For everyone else, however, its new memory function may prove useful.

I am not dismissing the scenarios where voice-controlled virtual assistants can be used for nefarious reasons. However, I am also interested in how these assistants are being developed and becoming more common in our daily lives.

Alexa's new trick means she'll now be able to remember things.

This new memory feature will be released in the US at first and then, most likely, rolled out to other markets later.

The new skill will enable Alexa to remember any information you want her to, storing arbitrary information you want to retrieve later.

It’s early days, but with this initial release, we will make it easier for customers to save information, as well as provide a natural way to recall that information later.

For example, ask it: “Alexa, remember that Sean’s birthday is June 20th.” Alexa will reply: “Okay, I’ll remember that Sean’s birthday is June 20th.”

This memory feature is the first of many launches this year that will make Alexa more personalised.

Other new functions include not having to use Alexa’s hotword every time you ask a follow-up question.
In the US, UK and Germany, the virtual assistant will soon answer secondary questions more naturally: if you ask “how’s the weather,” you can ask “how about this weekend” afterwards.
Amazon is also using its deep learning know-how to allow follow-ups that span across categories. If you ask “how’s the weather in Frankston?” for instance, then you can ask “how long does it take to get there?” and Amazon will still know where you’re talking about even though you’ve switched from weather to traffic.
Alexa is certainly becoming more intelligent and arguably, seamlessly becoming a bigger part of our day to day lives.


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