Arcam Boosting iPhone 6 Audio

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17th May, 2016

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Arcam Boosting iPhone 6 Audio

Cambridge UK's Arcam have embraced next-gen audio enthusiasts with the release of MusicBOOST, a sleeve battery pack and more for the iPhone 6 and 6s.

An innovative design, MusicBOOST is a great and simple solution for those wanting to extract maxiumum sound quality from their music, without the worry of running the phone batttery flat.

Combining a headphone amplifier, digital to analogue converter (DAC) and battery pack into one sleek and stylish sleeve, it promises to help protect your iPhone from damage too.

Charging the MusicBOOST will take about 2 hours from a Micro-USB, and when plugged into an iPhone, it claims to fully charge the phone battery with up to 120 percent extra battery life.

Michael Di Meglio, National Sales Manager at Arcam's new Australian distributor, Advance Audio told StereoNET:

For audiophiles, Arcam’s MusicBOOST removes the iPhone’s restriction of 16-bit music and enables its listener to play 24-bit music, delivering 250 times the audio resolution. Listeners will be able to access 24-bit audio through apps such as Onkyo HF Player, or you can simply enjoy a more realistic, deeper musical presentation from your music library.

The integrated amplifier is said to "deliver around 15 percent extra volume with no audible distortion at any level, keeping your favourite songs warm and loud".

Rather than just buy a power bank for those long days commuting or flying, MusicBOOST gives you more power, better sound, with an integrated and simple case with no extra wires to get tangled.

Arcam MusicBOOST is available now for $299 RRP.

Arcam is distributed in Australia by Advance Audio.

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