Astone’s New Range of Bluetooth Speakers

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21st March, 2016

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Astone’s New Range of Bluetooth Speakers

Astone have expanded their product range with the addition of three new Bluetooth speakers with attractive styling and wireless stereo pairing capabilities.

The new range consists of three stylish speakers called the Astone Drum ($199.95), Astone Solo One ($159.95) and Astone Mini ($69.95). Each speaker is said to be designed with a different purpose in mind.

The largest of the three is the Drum, rated at 10W.  It features one 4 inch speaker and two 1.5 inch tweeters combined with a large subwoofer at the rear.  It features Digital Signal Processing (DSP) combined with Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) and it can be paired with a second Drum to create a stereo link. The look of the unit adds an air of sophistication to a room with a large rounded body with a wood grain finish complete with a metal front grill and aluminium stand. It has an ‘Auxillary In’ connector for direct connection and Bluetooth CSR2.1 +EDR, A2DP for wireless connectivity.  To help aid the initial set up with mobile devices, it also comes equipped with NFC as well.

The Solo One is a 10W speaker system that uses a stereo chamber design with low-frequency radiation that Astone says "achieves natural, clear sound with deep bass". The main drivers are a pair of 2 inch speakers, and uses the same DSP and DRC as the Solo, as well as Bluetooth CSR4.0 +EDR, A2DP for wireless connections. The unit has touch buttons on the rear casing and comes in a wood grain finish with a sturdy aluminium base.  It is primarily designed to be used as a desktop solution but it also has a 900mA internal battery for short term portability of up to 3 hours.   

Atone Solo

Finally, the smallest offering within the family is the Astone Mini.Don't be fooled by its size however as it packs a whole lot of punch into a compact package.  Designed to be highly portable, it has a 600maH internal battery that allows for up to 8 hours of play time.  Under the hood is two speakers for a total output of 6W which can also be connected via Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of up to 10 metres.  It has a 3.5mm jack to connect directly to portable devices and can be paired wirelessly with another Astone Mini to create a true stereo speaker system.  The Mini is available with either a black or white chassis with silver trim.

Astone's new range is very stylish and will become a feature space in any living room or space. It's portable enough to be moved around and affordable too. Pair a few together for a fantastic stereo experience.

Astone is distributed in Australia by Achieva Technology Australia.


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