Beyerdynamic Release DT1990 PRO Headphones

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24th August, 2016

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Beyerdynamic Release DT1990 PRO Headphones

Australia's beyerdynamic distributor Syntec have announced the availability of the German hand-made DT1990 PRO top-of-the-range headphones.

While said to be designed specifically for the mixing and mastering roles of professional audio, its open back design and sound will certainly appeal to discerning Head-Fi enthusiasts. This new release is based on the highly popular DT1770 PRO headphones that until now, was the flagship headphone in the beyerdynamic range.

Wayne Farran, National Sales & Marketing Manager told StereoNET:

This top-of-the-range Pro series model delivers absolute precision with reproducible results every time, whether in the studio or on site with the customer. Its open back design extracts the utmost detail from the audio signal, while the construction based on exclusive components and titanium-coated acoustic fabric means that every knob movement on the mixing desk is audible. Subtle variations can be picked up like an acoustic magnifying glass.

The DT 1990 PRO features beyerdynamic's exclusive Tesla technology which is said to offer a "balanced sound profile, combining high levels of efficiency with distortion-free sound reproduction across all signal levels."

The highly responsive Tesla transducers contain extremely fine copper wires, just half as thick as a human hair, which were also used in the DT1770 PRO. In the case of the DT1770 PRO beyerdynamic opted for a closed back design making the headphones more suitable for loud environments.

Farran continued:

The memory foam-filled ear pads offer the perfect, virtually unrivalled fit, enabling even prolonged listening sessions without feeling pressure on the ears or heating up. Sound tuning is additionally possible thanks to the replaceable ear pads. Two different variants are supplied with the headphones. One favours neutral, analytical sound, while the other tends towards a somewhat warmer tuning with more bass.

DT1990 PRO are supplied with two detachable mini-XLR cables allowing a choice of straight or coiled cable. It also comes presented in a high-quality transport case.

A full range of spare parts is also available ensuring your investment will be servicable for many years to come.

Beyerdynamic's DT1990 PRO headphones were launched this week at Integrate Trade Show in Sydney. Wayne Farran commented today that all who had heard them so far were most impressed with the sound and in particular, the bass response from the open-back design.

Beyerdynamic DT1990 PRO will be available within weeks for $1,159 RRP.

Berydynamic is distributed in Australia by Syntec.

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