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4th September, 2018


It's undoubtedly easier to mock the Beosound Edge than any other high-end speaker, but you'll probably stop laughing when you hear it.

At $5000 or so it's unlikely that B&O stores are going to have big queues on launch day. But on that day in mid-November 2018, there will be some people who are going to have their audio experience and living space changed for the better.

This is what B&O Say about the Edge:

The Beosound Edge is a unique speaker and a minimalist design object, delivering a powerfully dynamic sound performance for the home. Designed for intuitive touch and motion this speaker is a divine and unbroken circle of audio clarity, precision and beauty.

We're not sure about the divine claim, but B&O knows how to get people talking, and it knows how to make lovely sounding hi-fi equipment. From the old TVs that rotated to your sitting position years ago, through to insanely expensive telephones, B&O has a way with design that's pretty hard to beat.

The Beosound Edge seems to tick all the right audio boxes too. Under the cover, five drivers offer full range sound. A 10-inch woofer powers the low end, a pair of four-inch drivers get the mid-range over clearly and the high end is delivered by two 3/4-inch tweeters. A bass port promises to make sure that low-end impact is as crisp and clear as possible. A set of six class-D amplifiers provide the power for those speakers.

If you're wondering, there is only a single bass driver facing one direction. The mid- and high-range drivers are duplicated on each side of the Edge. B&O claims that it's also the first speaker to offer an Active Bass Port and it's a pretty smart idea. Described in the technical literature as "like a car spoiler" the Active Bass Port is closed at low volumes, but opens when you crank the sound up. B&O says a closed port is better for fidelity, but an open one can create better, more "energised" bass.

Even turning the volume up on this thing is an event, something achieved by sliding your hand over its curved surface. Rotating a physical dial wouldn't have been practical here, so instead the company has lasered tiny, invisible holes into the surface. The speaker can detect the light changes and adjust the volume to match your intent.

The nice bonus is that B&O doesn't shy away from new technology, so the Edge will integrate with all modern sources including AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Bluetooth. It can also pair with a Google or Amazon smart speaker for voice control, supports Wi-Fi and can be connected via Ethernet if required.

Bang & Olufsen Concept Manager, Kresten Bjørn, said:

From a distance it is monolithic and discreet, hiding everything that suggests technology, yet it is unforgettable in sound performance punching above and beyond what you would expect for the size of the speaker.

GadgetNET Says: You know as well as we do that this B&O speaker is going to sound amazing. The only things you need to consider are how the bonkers styling might fit into your stylish, modern apartment and how you're going to find $5,000 (3,250 euros).

For more information visit B&O.


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