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3rd May, 2017

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Sony chose sunny California to showcase two new 4K HDR TVs.

Sony considers the new BRAVIA OLED XBR-A1E models (56-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch) and new X series X930E/940E (55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch) as special models.

They launched at the Video and Audio Centre (VAC) in leafy Woodland Hills, California.

Adding gravitas to the event, the latest TVs were unveiled to retailers by a heavyweight cast that included VAC’s founding father, Joseph and Mayer Aklhtarazad and Mike Fasulo, Sony’s president who was flanked by Richard Berger, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment senior VP who heads the brand’s global digital strategy and advanced platforms.

Sony sees itself back in the premium TV game stressing its mission is to give consumers the triumvirate goals of quality, design and innovation.

To showcase the new model’s visual acuity Sony screened scenes from the soon-to-be released flick, “Spiderman’s Homecoming’’ because it could.

The Japanese mega-brand owns Sony Pictures. A point not lost on its competitors and one that retailers will be sure to exploit.

Guests to the gala event were also treated to some scenes from “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’’. This intriguingly titled flick provided additional reinforcement of the new TV’s picture quality given it’s the very first Ultra HD Blu-ray shot in 4K/HDR with a 60 fps frame rate.

Keen-eyed guests who understand the Japanese penchant for symbolism were quick to spot the message in the two movie’s titles. Sony it’s fair to say has had a mixed corporate fortune of late and the words “Home coming” and “Halftime Walk’’ could be read as Sony’s statement of intent that its back and raising the TV bar.

Sony luminaries went to great lengths to point out how OLED TVS are the unbeatable, natural replacement for plasma TVs. A big call and one that may bemuse contented owners of Pioneer’s legendary Kuro plasma models.

But it may not be an idle boast with many industry veterans describing the A1E as possible the best TV ever made.

OLED TVs can have gob-smacking picture quality if they’re designed and built by a brand that has a proven track record of TV innovation and excellence. Sony has no need to prove its credentials in TV design and manufacturing.

That the iconic brand is back with a bang is as easy to confirm as a visit to a retailer stocking the brand’s scintillating $6999 Z9 4K HDR, Android TV. We have, and consider the Z9’s picture quality is in a league of its own.

We’ll have to wait to assess the two new OLED models, but the reception in the US points to a pair of market leading OLED TVS.

The new OLED TVs according to Sony, are a blend of innovative technology and Sony’s patented leading edge, image processing.

Sony is entitled to beat the drums and blow a host of trumpets and isn’t slow to point out the new OLEDs have eight million self-illuminating pixels to create the deepest blacks, a rich colour pallet, huge dynamic contrast, wide viewing angle and images that it says, do not blur.

As for sound which is meagre in nearly all TVs, Sony says it has developed a novel Acoustic Surface sound technology for the A1E that exploits OLED’s lack of a backlight infrastructure to create a sound that has wide dispersion in every direction.

Unscrambling Sony’s jargon reveals the A1E doesn’t have traditional speakers. It creates sound by vibrating the entire surface of the screen.

Local pricing and available has not yet been confirmed.

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