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6th September, 2017

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Foxtel has hammered out an agreement with Dendy Cinema that creates a new model for new local and international movie releases.

After a one-week theatrical release, Foxtel will make movies available to its more than 1 million subscribers on its Foxtel store as rental flicks.

Dendy Cinema’s associated company, Icon Film Distribution will also offer the film to rent as a video on demand on its Dendy Direct service.

The new way to get new movies to viewers has been hailed by many in the film industry who see it as a more consumer appealing model than the current one that has a movie to rental window of 90-days.

Foxtel Teams Up With Dendy

The Foxtel Dendy partnership plans to release one movie each fortnight as a movie on demand, and titles will include some movies that don’t make it to cinemas.

The latest “express from cinema’’ model is similar to the one used by Amazon Studio in the US. It aims to give niche and international films a national rental platform.

Kicking off the new release model requires a blockbuster movie. Foxtel and Dendy have honed in on Australia Day to entice consumers to use the new route to movies on demand.

Australia Day was directed by Kriv Stenders and stars Bryan Brown, Matthew LeNevez, Shari Sebbens and Sean Keenan.

Dendy’s Icon Film Distribution will make Australia Day available via its Dendy circuit but from September 27, it will be released on Foxtel Store and Dendy Direct that is branded as Dendy Marquee.

Foxtel believes the partnership will grow and as the revenue rises more films could be released each fortnight.

The Foxtel and Dendy partnership follows the acquisition of Channel Ten by US media giant, CBS as reported by StereoNET recently.

CBS plans to roll out its CBS All Access pay to view video on demand service in Australia. The servicer will compete head on with Foxtel.

The service has rights to stream a selection of American National Football League (NFL) games, major golf tournaments as well as college basketball and football games.

Foxtel is a competitive brand and one that isn’t timid about going head to head with existing or potential new rivals.

Reason enough to wager its Dendy venture is simply a harbinger of more ways to expand its empire over the next 12-months and beyond.

Greater competition from heavyweight players the calibre of CBS spells better times ahead for online rental consumers.

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