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by Peter Familari

2nd March, 2018


Haier’s latest smartwatch has a feature that at first glance is as useful as a square wheel, but turns out to be quite ingenious.

Called the ASU, the new smartwatch carries a video projector along with its one-gigabyte of memory, heart rate sensor, GPS, 4G LTE support and a gyroscope.

But it’s the wee projector that’s attracting a lot of attention for the ASU that otherwise would simply pass as another smartwatch.

To accommodate its projector, the ASU’s wrist print is much larger than your typical smartwatch. In fact, some would say it’s rather bulky.

Power up the projector though, and you’re likely to attract a crowd of incredulous admirers.

Normally you’d describe a smartwatch with a projector as an “out there’’ model.

But think about how practical a Heads Up display in a car is, and you get the idea of how the ASU’s projector is designed to function.

The projector peers out of the right side of the Haier watch displaying information on the back of your hand or on to whatever it’s directed.

The information is projected with a 480x854-pixel resolution that is plenty good enough to appear clearly on your hand.

So what data can it project?

Well, a range of useful information really. Like phone numbers or the distance you’ve run, walked or jogged recorded by the fitness jogger.

For those with a more practical bent, the Haier ASU smartwatch will display the same information on its 1.5-inch 240x240 pixel touchscreen.

Hardly as sexy as projecting information onto your hand or briefcase as you’re commuting to work, is it? And only a tenth of the fun.

GadgetNET says: Wacky though it may be, we like Haier’s new tiny projector enabled ASU smartwatch.

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