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13th December, 2017


Hubbed continues its goal of giving consumers more choice by linking up with eBay and DHL eCommerce.

The new arrangement gives eBay's sellers access to a parcel delivery service with bundles of drop-off locations that operate 24/7, seven days a week.

Hubbed is a startup company founded by its CEO, David Mclean and one that has a network of partnerships with many transport companies and more than 700 newsagents.

Hubbed’s goal was to give consumers a service that is more consistent with their online shopping expectations than other rivals.

McLean believes the customer is key, stating:

We focus on the customer who is ultimately in pursuit of choice, convenience as well as cost-effective service,

The new arrangement with eBay and DHL eCommerce gives consumers a parcel delivery option that has major transport carriers and a network of more than 1200 petrol stations, convenience stores, and newsagents that can be used to drop off and pick up parcels.

Consumers using eBay can now open a Hubbed account and print out shipping labels. Their Hubbed and eBay accounts are linked.

The DHL eCommerce partnership shaves 20 percent off the normal price of shipping overseas parcels for eBay sellers who link their accounts.

McLean says Hubbed’s goal is to take its national coverage to even more outlets, a move that will provide greater flexibility for customers because petrol stations have long opening hours every day of each week.

A major thing that all courier companies and logistic companies out there deal with when it comes to ecommerce is trying to solve that last mile problem,

The costs are really high particularly as sometimes 30 percent of people aren’t home when their parcels are being delivered and there is a great amount of dissatisfaction from the consumer’s perspective when they receive those failed delivery cards.

Australians love buying online. Roy Morgan research for 2015 shows we spent about $37.8 billion using the internet with about four in ten buying one thing online in an average four-week period.

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