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10th January, 2018


Look out, workers! The Robots aren’t coming because they’re already here.

Yesterday, it was the connected tabletop dishwasher, today it's the laundry.

In a taste of what’s to come for the future of work, Japanese robotics and healthcare outfit Seven Dreamers has come up with a futuristic way of folding laundry.

If you find folding laundry fresh off a clothesline a chore, the Sevens Dreamer Laundroid robot could be just the ticket to restore domestic harmony at your place.

Seven Dreamers LaundroidIf you don’t find it a chore, you’d better reflect on research showing we spend 9000 hours in a lifetime folding laundry.

By using a combination of image analysis, artificial intelligence and robotics Laundroid folds all of your laundry.

To accomplish this labour saving miracle, all that’s required for you to do is simply put your freshly minted laundry in the Laundroid’s bottom drawer and reach for the start button.

Then sit back and watch amazed as Laundroid’s mechanical arms lift and spread each item of clothing. It automatically identifies what’s what before commencing to fold, sort and stack the whole load on the cabinet shelves sorting each by item type (undies, towels, etc.,) or indeed by whom they belong to (Wife, Son, Daughter, Mistress). You get the idea.

Laundroid has an integrated desk lamp called Lumigent that responds to voice controls. This lamp turns on automatically as it is spoken to, so it can control Laundroid’s basic functions.

Based in Tokyo, Seven Dreamers was formed in 2011 from a company supplying composite materials for the aerospace industry.

Should you want to rush out to buy your very own Laundroid, be advised that it costs a steep US$16,500.

For more information visit Seven Dreamers.

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