Keeping Analogue Alive with Impossible Instant Lab

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7th November, 2013

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Keeping Analogue Alive with Impossible Instant Lab

You may not have heard of Impossible, founded in 2008 by Florian 'Doc' Kaps and André Bosman, who together bought the last factory in the world manufacturing Polaroid instant film. What followed was ten of the very best former Polaroid employees who shared their passion as well as the belief in an Impossible dream.

While still manufacturing traditional and some recent unique films for the humble Polariod camera as we know it, Impossible continues to evolve and embrace modern technology, while never stretching too far from the company's roots.

The Instant Lab, is revolutionary, yet traditional at the same time. As with an instant camera, the image is exposed 'naturally'. Simply select an image on your device, place the iPhone in the cradle and slide open the shutter on the base. A signal tells you when the exposure is finished. Close the shutter, push the button and the Instant Lab ejects the instant film, ready to develop in the palm of your hand. The Instant Lab is the first device to convert digital images into real analogue instant photographs.

Impossible Instant Lab

“By essentially turning millions of iPhones into instant analogue cameras, this is truly an exciting time for photography fans everywhere. There’s simply nothing like the vintage look and feel of these photos and the Impossible Instant Lab is now the perfect way to achieve that vintage result from photos taken on an iPhone. No filters required; this is the real deal.” Brand Manager, Dale Eastman, told StereoNET.

Impossible Instant Lab AustraliaThe launch of the Instant Lab coincides with the release of the Impossible Project App for iOS. As well as enabling users to transform their digital photos into real analogue photographs with the Instant Lab, the App also provides a platform for scanning, uploading and sharing those analogue instant pho-tos. Supporting a variety of social media, the Impossible Project App encourages photographers to share their instant photographs and at the same time get inspiration from the photographs of others; an international community for analogue instant photography lovers.

The Impossible Instant Lab is distributed by Brands Australia and will be available late December with a RRP of $399.95.

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