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19th June, 2018

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If like us at GadgetNET you've been lusting after an OLED Flat Screen, 2018 has seen good news with prices falling all around. But even the smallest 55-inch OLEDs still generally sell between $3500 and $4000 whether they come from LG, Panasonic or Sony.

Recently Kogan announced a brand-new 55-inch OLED Smart 4K HDR TV at just $2,399, an already incredibly competitive price, and today literally overnight they have dropped their price to $1999. So far so good.

The panel comes from LG Display, the only maker of OLED screens and the Kogan set is based on the Hong Kong OEM maker Konka 798 series. You will get all the benefits of OLED including the brilliant colours and deep blacks that leave LCD in the dust. The set has pretty decent specs, with a 4K 3840 × 2160 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, 140,000:1 contrast ratio, rapid response times, HDR 10 support and a Smart interface for Netflix, Spotify, Google Play and YouTube, plus Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, two USB and three HDMI ports.

This could be a no-brainer and a big win for Kogan, but GadgetNET did some online searching and found that The Good Guys are selling last year's $3000 LG 55inch 55B7T for $2395, and you can find the very well-reviewed 2017 $3899 Pansonic TH-55EZ950U on eBay for $2490 or less.

The Kogan is great value at $1999, but we suspect that the LG and Panasonic sets will have far more sophisticated image processing, a better OS than the poorly received Android TV and both brands support a much wider range of HDR format, with the Panasonic even THX certified.

This is what Kogan says about their TVs.

Boasting over 1 billion vivid colours and enhanced with HDR, this stunning OLED panel TV combines true-to-reality 4K and smart TV for a cinema-worthy viewing experience.

The 55” OLED Smart 4K HDR TV delivers out-of-this-world ultra high-definition resolution with an impressive OLED panel and HDR to match.

GadgetNET says: Unless you are totally strapped for cash, forget the price difference and buy a better 2017 set. If you are tempted by the Kogan, keep checking the price. It pre-ordered at $1799 so the price still has room to fall.


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