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by Peter Familari

1st February, 2018


Every gaming or eSports mouse brand claims its mouse gives players complete control over their characters or vehicles.

Some give a decent measure of control while others have the grip of a wet paper bag on lead-outs and manoeuvres.

But the new Lexip mouse seems to be a real KOG (King Of Control).

What gives the zany looking Lexip the edge over its horde of rivals is its joystick. Hold on, make that plural.

Use the Lexip for a while, and you’ll soon be aware that what looks like a single joystick is actually two merged into one.

The first joystick is out of sight and built inside. This is controlled simply by tilting the mouse shell. Neat eh?

Your thumb controls the second joystick and this one’s supreme because it provides for customised options, has brilliant ergonomics and a satisfying 3-Dimensional gaming experience without you having to add more commands, keys or shortcuts.

Nestle the Lexip in the underside of your palm and within seconds you’ll be a strategic master as you develop your battle manoeuvres in Star Citizen.

Play League of Legends or World of Warcraft and you can link together rapid combos for either or rack up an epic with the backboard goal Rocket League

The Lexip is agile and smooth. So much so it’s said to be Mickey Mouse for gamers and pro gamers.

Plain vanilla flavour gamers get a mouse that can give them an edge in their fave games while simplifying how they set up during games.

The Lexip is said to be a genre all-rounder, and that makes it a better choice than a genre specific gaming mouse, controller, joystick or flight stick.

Because it was designed for a 3D environment, the new Lexip is awesome to use with space simulators including Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, Space Engineers and Kerbal because it behaves like a mouse as well as a flight stick in one.

Even slicker, the Lexip lets you play games like Minecraft allowing you to switch slots, weapons and other items via the thumb joystick which means you can ditch your keyboard.

Lexip will also appeal to creative, engineers and home office users who will like the speed and precision it provides along with its intuitive joysticks. Lexip’s comfortable ergonomics means it’s easy on the wrist and hand and comfortable to use.

The new Lexip is customisable, and users can set program-specific macros, adjust the PixArt ADNS-9800 laser gaming sensor’s DPI, change both joysticks’ sensitivity, adjust dead zones and more.

Lexip is only available on Kickstarter right now where it has smashed its $38,000 goal ($133,000+ at time of writing) with 42 days to go.

€99, or around AUD $153 plus shipping will secure your Lexip for a mid-year delivery.

Visit Kickstarter for more information.

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