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6th August, 2018


The Philips Hue White Ambience Adore is a wall-mounted, lighted vanity mirror that uses LED ring lighting around the edge of the mirror to generate a beautifully soft light without unwanted shadows.

Photographers often use ring lights for the same reason. The included wireless dimmer switch will fit anywhere convenient and easily sets the right light to help you energise, concentrate, read and relax.

Strangely the Adore arrived on Philips various Hue websites with no proper launch info. What we currently we have is a UK launch in August and a price of £229 ($400AUD) - we'll let you know Australian availaibity when we find out.

The LED ring around the edge of the mirror uses Hue Ambience technology and the 'white' can be tuned from a very cosy warm white to a scorching brilliant white that will show up every open pore. Luckily the user gets to choose.

Philips would like to "Light your moments from sunrise to sunset" and defines these moments by the activities below.

Concentrate Early morning hours call for precision and concentration. With finely tuned bright white light you can go through your morning rituals with ease, whether it is to give your make-up that perfect finish or groom your beard neatly.

Energise Skip your morning coffee and get ready for the day with cool white daylight that helps to energise your body and mind. Perfect for those moments when you need that extra kick with your morning shower.

Read Use bath time to pick up your favourite magazine. Set the right white light for a perfect read.

Relax Immerse yourself in your bubble bath and recline to the soft glow of white light. Relaxing white light will help you to unwind in the evening and sleep better at night.

GadgetNET says: We're going for the reading and relaxing options.

The supplied ready-to-use wireless Philips Hue Dimmer switch, lets users brighten and dim the lights without a wired installation and if you add a Hue Bridge to the system or already have Hue lights installed, the Hue App phone app lets you programme and control averything. The Adore is also compatible (via the Bridge) with services like Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple Homekit. So if you've been looking for an excuse to put an Alexa in your bathroom, this is it!

Designed primarily as a bathroom light, the Adore is made for humid environments and is protected against splashing water. The editor's wife however already wants one as a makeup light in her dressing room, so we see at least two incoming to GadgetNET towers.

Key Features

  • LED Ring Lighting gives a soft shadow-free light
  • Colour temperature is programmable from warm to cool to brilliant white
  • Shades of white (2200-6500K)
  • 2400 lumen dimmable output,
  • 30,000 hour lifetime.
  • Wall mounted wireless dimmer switch included
  • Smart control via the optional Hue bridge*
  • IP44, perfectly suited for the bathroom
  • White easy to clean light body
  • 560mm in diameter


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