Mola-Mola Downunder

Posted on 23rd February, 2015

Mola-Mola Downunder

Mola-Mola, from the same stable as the now highly regarded Hypex nCore amplifier modules used by many OE manufacturers, have released a new pre and power amplifier.

'Makua' is a fully balanced analogue line preamplifier that according to designer Bruno Putzeys, has the shortest signal paths possible. It has an extremely transparent gain stage and routing matrix that is programmable via USB or Bluetooth.

Vinyl lovers can option an archival grade Phono stage that has adjustments for gain, impedance, EQ and bass shelf. It is possible to route any input to the phono stage so you can connect up to 5 turntables, and program the settings individually for each.

A state of the art DAC module is also reported to be available later this year, able to be fitted by the user or dealer.

'Kaluga' is a pair of mono amplifiers, not surpisingly using the latest generation nCore amplification technology. According to Mola-Mola these modules have been tweaked, exclusively for their own range.

With 400 watts @ 8 ohms and 800 watts @ 4 ohms they will drive pretty much any speaker load with finesse usually only found in single ended triode tube amplifiers.

Each mono amplifier weighs only 7kgs each, with a footprint no bigger than a shoebox.

Australian distributor for Mola-Mola, Warwick Freemantle, Director of Pure Music Group told StereoNET:

We are delighted with the finish of the new casework and the stunning sound quality. The see through transparency and lack of colouration these products exhibit amazes customers. The bass is extremely tight, textured and fluid, without the bloat often found with some valve and solid-state amplifiers. Mola-Mola really defines the term “neutral” and listeners are experiencing a whole new level of information being recovered from their recordings.

Pure Music Group's parity pricing policy sets the Makua Line Preamplifier at $12,000 RRP and Kaluga Monoblocks at $18,000/pair RRP.
The optional Phono stage is $2,300 RRP. The DAC pricing will be confirmed on release.

For more information visit Pure Music Group.

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