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1st October, 2018


It seems like full-frame is the future for high-end mirrorless cameras. Sony already dominates the space with its full-frame A series models, Nikon and Canon have their own full-frame models in the pipeline, and now Panasonic is joining the fray with the upcoming Lumix S series, announced this week but not going on sale until early 2019. Pricing details remain TBC.

Full-frame cameras have larger sensors than most interchangeable lens models, enabling superior low light performance and a narrower depth of field – traits particularly prized by photojournalists, portrait photographers and anyone looking for a camera that can perform in almost any lighting conditions.

The S series will launch with two models: the 47-megapixel S1R and 24-megapixel S1. Both will be able to record 4K video footage at 60/50fps (something of which no current full-frame mirrorless camera is capable), and both will support dual image stabilisation, meaning both the sensor and optics can move to counter camera-shake (another first for full-frame mirrorless cameras).

Lenses are the lifeblood of any new camera system, and the Lumix S series will use the existing L-mount system developed by Panasonic partner Leica. The L Mount has been licensed from Leica and will be supported by lenses from Panasonic, Leica & Sigma.

There are already several full-frame L-mount lenses on sale, and Panasonic is working on several more. In total, the company claims at least 10 Panasonic lenses will be introduced by 2020, and we can expect new Leica and Sigma lenses for the L-mount to arrive as well, all of which will be fully compatible with the S series.

Key features:

  • New 35mm full-frame sensors
  • World’s first support for 4K at 60/50fps in a full-frame mirrorless camera
  • World’s first dual image stabilisation in a full-frame mirrorless camera
  • L-mount lens compatibility
  • Triaxial tilt LCD
  • Double slot for SD and XQD memory cards
  • Weather-proof build

GadgetNET says: Panasonic’s Lumix S range features some of the most capable mirrorless cameras on the market, so the creation of a higher-end Lumix S range sounds very promising indeed – particularly for videographers.

For more information visit Panasonic | L Series Lenses


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