Rega’s 33 1/3 Revolution

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by Peter Familari

3rd March, 2014

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Rega’s 33 1/3 Revolution

Rega’s has so many tweaks, new models and innovations on the go it’s a moveable feast for music lovers. Take the new RP10 turntable for example. It has a revolutionary new plinth design, carries the brand’s new RB2000 tonearm, incorporates a ceramic flywheel effect platter, and to round things out uses a custom power supply.

For those discerning enthusiasts, the RP10 can also depart Rega's UK factory installed with the Apheta moving-coil cartridge.

The RP10’s minimalist plinth exploits a patented new stressed skin material made from thin phenolic skins laminated around an ultra-light polyolefin foam core. Compared to the Planar 3 plinth, it's several times lighter and minimises the amount of motor and bearing noise that on many turntables feeds back into the chassis or tonearm.

The RP10’s platter is manufactured from compressed oxide powder which is baked and diamond-cut yielding rotational perfection and a flat surface.

Following Rega’s heritage, the RP10 is a belt-drive model with a factory tweaked 24-volt low-noise motor running a Rega SP10 power supply, and fitted with a speed control DSP enabled generator fitted with an ultra stable crystal.

Rega’s top RB2000 tonearm follows the brands philosophy to a Tee. It has next to no mechanical joints and uses light but stiff materials to reduce mass.

On sale now, the Rega RP-10 fitted with the RB2000 tonearm retails for $6,499. If you’d like the complete turntable/arm/cartridge package, with the Apheta moving-coil cartridge factory-fitted to the RB2000, the price is $7,699 (RRP).

For further information, please contact Synergy Audio Visual.

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