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10th April, 2018

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Unlimited mobile data is not here yet, but OVO Mobile is moving in that direction with a new 150GB for $89.95 per 30 days, with no lock-in contracts and operating on the Optus 4G Plus network.

“OVO Mobile Broadband - Extra Large” was introduced with this quote from OVO CEO Matt Jones:

If 2018 has told Australian Telcos anything, it's that consumers expect more data for less.

Quite an understatement. Mobile data is crazily expensive in Australia. The same $90 will buy you only 25-40GB on Telstra, and $60 on Vodafone will get you 90GB, but only if you sign up for 24 months!

So, on the surface, this OVO deal is a blockbuster, and the only downside we can see is that OVO runs on the Optus 4G Plus network which will not suit every location (including our office), but it's generally OK. It is also vital not to exceed the 150GB as the price then rockets to $10 per extra GB.

If you have a mobile modem, just get SIM only, if not a Huawei 4G Wi-Fi modem is a good deal at $59.00 when taking out a plan.

Data-hungry customers who habitually use more than one connected mobile device are in OVO's sights. They pointed out that "More than 60 percent of our customers are under the age of 28, a generation of renters". Paying to install broadband can be expensive, so a mobile modem and data plan is a good idea if you rent?

The advent of streaming services has seen a massive rise in data usage, and according to latest stats, the average Australian household of 2.5 people believes they need around 380GB per month, a 33% increase on this time last year. But if you are single and your internet use is moderate, you could say Bye Bye NBN.

As well as the basic data plan, there is also unlimited data-free streaming on the OVO app. It includes a peculiar selection of sporting events, exclusive broadcasts of Australian Esports League (AEL), 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series, Formula Drift and World Superbikes, Gymnastics Australia and Water Polo Australia. Some will undoubtedly appeal.

GadgetNET says: This is a no-brainer for intensive mobile data users and for many readers this OVO plan might suit for home use too. Probably better to switch your movie channels and downloads to SD though.

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