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30th April, 2018


Sonos fans in Australia have been waiting patiently since November last year for Alexa control to arrive on their shiny new Sonos ONE speakers.

Finally, Sonos has released a free software update that enables Alexa voice control for the Sonos One smart speaker.

Was it the Aussie accent or the infrastructure, no-one knows, but if Alexa was slow, the promised Google Assistant capability is still missing in action, although we're told it is planned for release later this year.

Sonos One is easily one of the best sounding smart speakers, outperforming Google Home and way-way better than any Alexa Echo. It's not as good on music as Apple’s HomePod however.

Where the Sonos ecosystem scores big is its ability to handle multiple voice services and play music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more from 80+ streaming services around the world.

Additionally, of course, Sonos makes a wide range of other speakers and soundbars that can all work together, quite an advantage.

Antoine Leblond, VP of Software at Sonos said:

With the Sonos One, we took everything people love about Sonos - an agnostic approach with streaming partners, amazing sound quality, flexibility with multi-room or stereo-pairing capability, a thoughtfully designed speaker that’s easy to use - and added voice as another means to getting music lovers to the songs and sonic content they love.

To get Alexa, users need to update their Sonos app to 8.5.2, and then the app will prompt them to download and install the new firmware. This is usually a very smooth process, so don’t worry (Sonos Alexa Help).

As well as voice control of music, you can, of course, add Alexa skills,  allowing owners to make restaurant reservations with Dimmi, receive travel updates from QANTAS and control their Alexa-enabled smart home devices.

That’s just the start too, as with regular free updates from both Sonos and Alexa, new features, services and skills will be unlocked to make the experience better and smarter.

The Sonos One is reasonably priced at $299 AUD and is available now.


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