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18th January, 2018

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Do you like wine? Do you have more bottles in your collection than you can count? Well, then you're already eligible to apply for a job with the GadgetNET team.

But seriously, how do you find the specific bottle you are looking for and more importantly, how can you make sure it’s not old and past its prime?

New French startup, Caveasy, showed at CES its connected smart wine management & storage solution called 'Caveasy One.'

The system consists of Connected Shelving and the accompanying App. The system is intended to be installed in places like a cooled wine cellar. The design uses quality materials and components to keep the modular shelves in the best possible condition.

Five bottles can fit on each shelf, and up to 256 shelves can be connected to each other to hold up to 1,280 bottles!

Overall operation is simple. To add a bottle of wine to your cellar simply take a photo of the bottle's label via the app.  The place the bottle in the rack and Caveasy One keeps track of the location on the connected shelves.

Finding a particular bottle in your dark wine cellar will never be a problem again. Using the app to search, an LED lights up on the rack to specific the bottle's position. When the bottle is removed from the shelf, the bottle is automatically deleted from the collection and marked as consumed.

Caveasy One also monitors the temperature and humidity in the environment through sensors that are integrated into the rack to ensure the environment is kept ideal.

Knowing when each bottle of wine reaches its prime is tricky as there aren’t labels on the bottle to indicate the bottle is ready to open. Caveasy One also keeps track and lets you know when a bottle is ready to be opened. So you can rest assured, no wine will go to waste, and you can enjoy each bottle of wine when it peaks.

Another feature of Caveasy One is that it will even make suggestions of bottles of wine in your collection that will complement a meal, i.e., Wine Pairing. This is ideal for consumers interested in increasing their knowledge about wine and the varied ways it can be paired with the meal/dessert being prepared.

The modular systems start at about $400 (AUD) for 30 bottles on Indiegogo, rising in stages to about $4,750 (AUD) for 500 bottles and can be stacked in vertical and horizontal configurations.

Visit Caveasy for more information.


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