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22nd March, 2018


Next time you complain about the cost of living in Melbourne, take cold comfort in the fact that Sydney is worse and that Singapore is the worst!

According to today's The Economist’s annual Worldwide Cost of Living report, Singapore tops the rankings (as it has for the past several years) as the most expensive city in the world, followed by Hong Kong and Seoul. European cities like Paris, Zurich, Oslo, Geneva and Copenhagen are high on the list, but due to the drop in the dollar, San Francisco and Los Angeles came in 13th and 14th..

The Economist said:

The survey compares more than 400 individual prices across over 150 products and services and is the basis of our ranking of the world’s major cities by cost of living.

A lot depends on which currency you start in though, as the $AUD gets weaker, everything goes up for us Aussies.

The Beer Index

This list from research last year shows the price of a pint of beer in major cities globally. We’ve always known that price of a beer in Oslo is crazy, but we’re definitely not going drinking in Singapore! We’re off to San Francisco.

  1. Oslo, Norway — $13.40
  2. Singapore — $12.20
  3. Hong Kong — $10.40
  4. New York City, United States — $10.00
  5. Boston, United States — $9.80
  6. Paris, France — $9.50
  7. Stockholm, Sweden — $9.40
  8. Melbourne, Australia — $8.80
    Zurich, Switzerland — $8.80
    Auckland, New Zealand — $8.80
    Copenhagen, Denmark — $8.80
    Dublin, Ireland — $8.80
  9. London, United Kingdom — $8.70
  10. Helsinki, Finland — $8.50
  11. Los Angeles, United States — $8.40
    San Francisco, United States — $8.40

GadgetNET says: Check out these cool and affrodable secret bars in San Fran.

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