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21st August, 2017

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Tivoli Audio are no strangers to radio. Their iconic Model One hit the market 17 years ago as a throwback to the classic valve radio.

Not only was the timeless styling appealing, but Tivoli Audio’s commitment to great sound quality thanks to their acoustically optimised wooden housing, led to the Model One’s unprecedented success.

This year Tivoli Audio have launched a new model which tips the hat to the original but brings with it an array of new technology and connectivity.

The Model One Digital, brings the quintessential tabletop radio into the age of the smart home.

With the addition of a multi-operational dial and a multitude of connectivity options which includes FM, DAB+, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and Tidal, you’ll never be left searching for something to listen to. Further improvement have also been made to the amplifier and drivers over the original Model One.

Moreover, you can download the Tivoli Wireless app for your smartphone and connect it with the brand-new ART range of Tivoli Audio products for multi-room and whole house audio.

Paul De Pasquale, Tivoli Audio’s chief designer told StereoNET:

Tivoli Audio introduced the original Model One Radio in 2000, to fill a gap in the market for a high-quality and affordable AM/FM radio. Seventeen years later, we are introducing a product that will keep Tivoli Audio on the cutting edge of audio technology for years to come.

The Model One Digital will carry Tivoli’s legacy of high quality and high design into the age of streaming content and home wireless audio.

Now available, the first offerings of the ART collection consist of two Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® enabled speakers, named the CUBE and ORB. These speakers effortlessly offer a unique mix of style and sound, enhancing your home décor with cable free high-quality music streaming.

Like the Model One Digital Radio, the easy- to-use controls and smartphone app allows you to stream music from your favorite services via any iOS or Android device. The ART speakers can perform in mono, stereo, or be used as a multi-room system, and with their optional rechargeable battery, moving speakers throughout the home has never been easier.

StereoNET caught up with Tivoli Audio in Munich for the High End Show this year for an exclusive sneak peak and demonstration of upcoming product releases and needless to say, we were impressed. Tivoli Audio have evolved from a radio brand (and a damn good one at that), and we have no doubt will stamp their authority on the lifestyle audio market, with multi-room capability.

The even better news is that thanks to a new distribution arrangement in Australia, Tivoli Audio Australia has managed to reduce the pricing of all products across the range from 20% to 33%. A win and good news for consumers.

Tivoli Audio Model One Digital ($449 RRP) and the ART Collection are available now.

For more information visit the Tivoli Audio brand page.


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