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by Rob Follis

13th March, 2018


If you’re thinking about buying a new laptop anytime soon, stop right now! Wait a few more months, and you’ll be able to lay your hands on a brand-new Retina MacBook Air, maybe.

The Apple rumour mill is currently working overtime, based on multiple reports from Asian manufacturers, Korean and Taiwanese news sites and a whole raft of analysts, that Apple will shortly kill the current MacBook Air and introduce a new entry-level 13.3-inch Mac that will boast a ‘Retina’ screen.

Introduced in January 2008, the MacBook Air is one of Apple’s most iconic designs; it defined the 'Ultrabook' computer, pioneered widespread SSD use and is a sleek design that been blatantly copied again and again by PC manufacturers.

Ten years down the line, the current Air at $1499 AUD is a steady seller and a favourite of schools, parents and pupils everywhere due to the light weight, long battery life and robust design. While tech journalists bang on about the need for better displays and lower prices, most users don’t care and buy the Air because it’s a great computer that runs Mac OS.

The rumoured new Mac is very likely to have a high-res ‘Retina’ display, an 8th Gen Intel Core chip, very long battery life and a whole host of internal improvements. It also possibly could be the very first Mac to use Apple’s hugely powerful in-house A-series ARM chipsets, as used in the latest iPads and iPhones.

Although there is a lot of apparently cheap competition, a comparable Dell XPS 13, for instance, starts at $1899 AUD. With the MacBook Air at AUD $1499, and the lighter, slimmer 12-inch MacBook, at AUD $1899, we would expect a new 13-inch machine at somewhere between $1299 and $1499, depending on exchange rates and quite how aggressive Apple want to be?

Apple’s annual tech conference ‘WWDC’ is generally held in June and is often a showcase for new hardware. Last year Apple announced the latest iMac Pro, HomePod, iMacs and Mac laptops at the event, so there's a strong chance that June will be when the rumours are substantiated.

GadgetNET says: We don’t expect a bargain basement Apple, we do think this is excellent news for MacBook Air fans, and anyone looking for a highly portable laptop with a long battery life. Unless you need a new machine yesterday? Hang on until June.

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