Review: Pioneer XDP-100R Digital Audio Player

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10th February, 2016

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Review: Pioneer XDP-100R Digital Audio Player

Pioneer Electronics needs no introduction, being a widely accepted household name in consumer electronics. In September ‘14, Pioneer sold off its home theatre entertainment business to rival, Onkyo, who are perhaps beginning to take the famous HiFi and Mobile Electronics brand in a new direction.

The most recent release from the Pioneer stable is the XDP-100R Digital Audio Player, available now in Australia for $1299 RRP and the subject of this review.

The player itself shares a lot of internal components with a product released at the same time under the Onkyo branding, the DPX1.

Sporting two colour options, XDP-100R-S (silver) or XDP-100R-K (black), both have the same inbuilt 32gb memory capacity. Our review sample is in black fashion.

One of the main selling points for this player is its MQA compatibility. Developed by Meridian, MQA is a promising new technology, touted for its superior sound quality. More on this further into the review.

At the time of this review, my understanding is that MQA files will be available through the ONKYO-music app, which at the moment, is unavailable. Pioneer says on their website:

Discover the onkyo music shop right on the  XDP-100R digital audio player. Buy high-res music online and download the songs directly on to your digital audio player, without taking circuitous routes on your PC. You cannot buy music in an easier manner.

Review: Pioneer XDP-100R

Packaging and materials

The packaging is excellent - straight to the point, but with a touch of finesse. The box slides out of the sleeve, and is opened via a small magnetic hinge. Once the box is opened, the player is exposed. Tugging at the little ribbon will reveal a small, velcro-secured enclosure, which keeps the included accessories safe:

  • Instruction manual
  • Quick start guide
  • USB cable (for charging and data).

The included accessories are no-nonsense, and are sufficient for the player itself.

Review: Pioneer XDP-100R

Exterior and build

The player itself weighs around 200 grams, and has a solid feel in the hand. It’s one solid block of aluminium, yet doesn’t weigh down the pocket too much. The buttons have engraved markings on them (not printed), and thankfully won’t rub off over time. They have a very shallow travel, and a satisfying click.

Pioneer XDP-100R Review

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